We gratefully accept donations of new, near new or slightly pre-loved school stationery items for repackaging to families who need help the most.

We accept;

* Red, blue and black pens * Sharpeners * Lead pencils * Textas * Colour Pencils * Erasers * Glue (sticks or containers) * Unused exercise books * Crayons * Highlighters * Calculators * Artline markers * Rulers * Pencil cases * Protractors * Scissors

We will also accept backpacks in good condition.

To make a donation;


If your school is interested in organizing an end of year donation of unwanted stationery items, we are happy to provide you with a ‘Give Write School Pack’ to help you promote the day and the importance of giving in the the community to students and parents. We can also arrange a suitable time to collect the items from your school and present you with a formal Certificate of Thanks for sharing with students.


We now have seven public collection points for donations. Look for the blue Give Write bins

1) Outside 86 Holland Street, Wembley

2) Town of Cambridge Main Administration, 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat

3) Cambridge Library, 99 The Boulevarde, Floreat,

4) Watertown Brand Outlet, 840 Wellington St, West Perth

5) Office of Donna Faraghar MLC – 108 Swan Street Guildford

6) Kip McGrath Wembley Downs, 2/357 Cambridge St Wembley

7) Office of Peter Katsambanis MLC – 2/45 Northside Drive Hillarys

Or if possible, we can arrange a time for one of our volunteers to collect the items from you. If you wish to organize a donation drive amongst friends, neighbours or your community group, we can arrange a ‘Give Write Donation Pack’ to be sent to you to help you get organized.

Corporate Supporters

If your company has excess stationery that you would like to donate, we will be happy to arrange a collection. If required we are also happy to book a time to speak to your group and outline our purpose and our work.

Like to give something other than stationery?

Give Write relies on donations and volunteers and tries to maintain very low overheads. However, costs are still incurred for items such as transport, phones and storage materials and so any other donations to support the work we do is gratefully accepted.

Visit our donation page here

Sponsor a Collection Bin

Our signature blue Collection Bins are hand painted and delivered and collected free of charge. If you would like to sponsor a bin you can include your logo alongside Give Write’s and show your support for the environment and for local kids.

Sponsorship starts at just $100 per small (120l) bin.


Give Write exists to provide items to kids and families in need. If you are a teacher, principal, school chaplain or education assistant who believes you have students who would benefit from this type of assistance please get in touch with us here.

To find out more about any aspect of donating, supporting or receiving goods, please email