Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund

Give Write is excited to be the recipient of a Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund grant. These funds will allow us to help more WA kids in need. We recently had the opportunity to be featured in a Television Commercial for Lotterywest which you can see below:

The Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund grants are a series of donations to charities that Lotterywest is making in light of the pandemic and its impact on local communities. Their intent, as the only state government owned lottery in Australia where all profits end up back in the community, is to assist those effected by the pandemic. At Give Write, we were fortunate enough to receive a grant that will allow us to assist schools, teachers and students that have been effected by COVID-19.

The Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund will have a profound impact on our ability to provide school supplies to children in need. We often find ourselves short on certain essential supplies within our Give Write packs such as erasers, rulers and pencil cases, items which may not last as long as a pencil or pen that can be cleaned and reused. In these cases we rely on cash donations to fulfil orders or we have to wait for specific items to be donated. The Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund will assist us in fulfilling these orders and allowing us to directly impact a child’s life with the essential school supplies to allow them to engage in the classroom. As well as excess stationery, the grant will allow us to deliver Give Write packs to remote communities covering delivery costs around the state. We appreciate all and any tax-deductible donations here

Since our creation in October 2019, we have been extremely fortunate to be able to provide for kids in need. Lotterywest’s TV commercial has allowed us spread our message about the importance of a child’s education and that up to 20% of students in WA do not have the school supplies required to engage in a classroom. During the production of the commercial, we visited Lockridge Primary School, our largest recipient to date of school packs and talked about the importance of school essentials to a child.

“Without groups like Give Write, our kids simply wouldn’t have accessed some of their curriculum”

-Michael Mount-Bryson, Principal Lockridge Primary School